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Donating 1/3 of all Revenue
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Delegate your Juno to EcoStake and help life on Earth for free!

Earth Regeneration Fund

For our next donation round we're supporting the Earth Regeneration Fund with their Barichara project. This is the beginning of a long-term partnership and we are excited to be part of such an impactful endeavor. The Earth Regeneration Fund is running a large scale project to restore the critical pillars of the plateau and its ecosystem.

On April 26th 2022;

We've dondated 144 JUNO (equal to ± US$ 2073 at the moment of writing) to the Earth Regeneration Fund.

As always we want to sincerely thank all our delegators for contributing through staking with us: 

Thank you all for your continued commitment and support!
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Donating 1/3 of all Revenue

We believe sustainability and social responsibility needs to be embedded into the foundation of every business for humanity and our biosphere to thrive. By donating 1/3 of all revenue to causes that benefit life on Earth, we give back and ensure everyone shares in our success.

Full Transparency

All revenue generated by our validator node  is divided between two different wallets. Two-thirds go to our business operations wallet. One-third is sent to our donation wallet. This means that all the funds we donate and all our donations are on-chain transparent from inception.

About our donations

On our donations page you will find an overview of all the causes we support, as well as transaction hashes and receipts for donations. Donations are made monthly around the 10th day of the month. If you'd like to recommend a cause for us to donate to please reach out to us at

Enterprise Grade Hardware

EcoStake helps secure the decentralised future by running Proof of Stake validator nodes on globally distributed and redundant Enterprise-grade hardware with 24/7 monitoring to ensure maximum uptime. Stake with us, earn rewards and help life!
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Junø Network
We secure Proof of Stake Networks by running validator nodes that validate transactions. We are now live on Juno Network and aim to expand to all significant Cosmos Ecosystem chains. So delegate your Junø to EcoStake, earn rewards and support life!
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Why Junø?
Juno as a layer 1 smart contract network solves the first generation smart contract bottlenecks which are limited scalability, high cost for deployment and execution and offers an easy environment for developers across the globe to deploy scalable, secure decentralized applications efficiently.
Juno is the permissionless neutral home of CosmWasm interoperable smart contracts and the InterWasm DAO. The ecosystem is pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption.

Delegate your Junø to EcoStake, earn rewards (± 120% APR) and help life on Earth for free!
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Ecology positive validator securing the Juno Network.
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